Easy handmade Father’s Day card ideas to make at home today

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you have missed out on the last delivery slot to buy and send a card, you can still show him you care.

Father’s Day, which is this Sunday 21 June, is an opportunity to tell that father figure in your life how much you appreciate him, New dads, old dads, granddads, fathers-in-law, stepdads and more will be receiving cards and gifts tomorrow to celebrate.

The right card and message can show him how much you appreciate his advice, kindness, strictness or whatever trait that best describes his role.

Here, we give tips on inventive and handy homemade card ideas that you can make today ready for tomorrow, as well as finding the right words to say inside…

Easy handmade Father’s Day card ideas
Suit and Tie card

Is your Dad always out-and-about, doing business deals and rocking his suit and tie?

Follow this video to make him a card that recognises him for the suave, professional provider he is.

You’ll need: A3 black paper, A3 white paper, glue stick, A4 size red paper, a button and glitter foam sheet for the finishing touch.

Bear card

Perfect if you’re helping your little ones make a card for someone special, these cute, colourful cards are simple to make.

You’ll need:

Different colour card
Large pom-pom, or something similar, to match the colour of your card
Large googly eyes (or you can draw them on)
Black sharpie
A bear template (there’s one on their website to use)

Follow the steps on the website and you’ve got a card that shows a Dad in your life how beary much you care.

Pop-up sunshine card

Head over to I Heart Crafty Things for the lowdown on how to make this fun card.

You’ll need blue card, yellow card, white card, markers, scissors and a glue stick.

Along with a detailed step-by-step guide, the site offers a free template which makes this card easy for people of all ages to make.

Printable Father’s Day cards
If you’re not the best with your hands, you can just print out a free card.

Find one that’s perfect for your Papa and write in your own message.

Happy Father’s Day messages for your cards
‘Becoming a dad is one thing—being a dad is many things. Thank you for all you do.’

‘Dad, you’re still the one I think of first when I have a question about something or when I just need some support and good advice. Thank you for always being there for me.’

‘You taught me so many of the important things I know—including a few choice words for certain situations!’

‘Thank you for being an amazing role model and giving me someone awesome to look up to my whole life. I love you.’

If you don’t have a particularly close relationship, don’t feel like you must go overboard. Keep it sincere – thank him and acknowledge if he has given you some life lessons or made some sacrifices for you and your siblings.